cast fee's

Casting fee's cover a 10 mile radius from Rochford, Essex, SS4. Beyond that please contact me for a quote. No distance is too great.
Fingerprint casts are kept safe and indefinitely, so you can order when you are ready.
Inkless wipe or paint impressions of hands, feet, animal prints are scanned then yours to keep.
These are best suited for tattoo's, and the hand/foot imprint jewellery.

3D life castings need to be used immediately as the mould deteriorates, so require an order.

Instructions / support included.

Cast Fee's

Fingerprint Cast: £30

Hand / Foot prints: £30

3D Hand / Foot Casts: £40

Pets Cast Fee's

Small pet £30

Large pet £40 (large dogs & horses etc)

Cast Kits (including postage)

Fingerprint cast kit £30

Inkless wipe kit £20

All casts & prints remain property of Bejewel Uk Memorials & are protected by the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.